Plan Your Adventure


Costa Rica activities include sea kayaking, snorkeling, sport fishing, canopy tours, sailing, Pacific scuba diving and much more.

It is nearly impossible to experience all there is to do here in this tropical paradise.  We have listed many of the available activities, along with additional information to help you schedule each of your adventures during your visit.  In most cases we will arrange for a tour guide representative to visit you upon your arrival to explain all of the following in even greater detail.

For more detailed information on tours, prices, and information on the Guanacaste Region, you can log onto Sunnyside Costa Rica Tours

Costa Rica Diving


Costa Rica and Scuba Diving go hand in hand. Costa Rica boasts some of the finest and most unique Scuba Diving in the Western Hemisphere.  Staying at The Costa Rica villas makes your dive trip incredibly convenient - the El Ocotal Diving Safaris dive shop is just a short walk away.

Here you will be equipped with all you need for an exciting day on and in the blue waters of Costa Rica.  Expect to see an abundance of marine life, including Whale Sharks, huge Cow-nosed Rays, Reef Sharks, Leatherback Turtles, and much more!

We can assist you with your diving excursions.

Bill Fishing


Costa Rica Bill Fishing considered the best sport fishing in the World.  We can arrange this prior to your arrival. You may charter your own private luxury boats to take you to the deep water, or have a staff member of The Costa Rica Villas arrange it for you.

The boats all come with the best equipment and safety gear available.