Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the closest town to the villas?

A: Coco is the closest town to the villas. It is about 5-10 minutes from the villas.

Q: What is Playa Ocotal beach like?

A: It is what they call salt and pepper sand caused by the volcanic ash and is rocky in places. It is great for snorkeling, fishing, sea kayaking, etc…

Q: What is the total number of guests your villas can accommodate?

A: We can accommodate up to 60+ guests between our 3 villas.

Q: What does an all-inclusive plan include?

A: Our all inclusive plan includes a full staff daily(cook, maid, and houseboy), all three meals prepared and served for you, daily maid and laundry service, all drinks, including an open bar, snacks, and full, private use of the villa, hot tub and pool!

Q: Do you have a TV, DVD, and/or CD player?

A: Yes. Our villas have all of these and you can bring a connector and play your ipod as well.

Q: What type of meal plan is offered?

A: We will accommodate all diets. We have a fairly set menu that is flexible to guests. We can provide you with the menu prior to arrival.

Q: What should visitors wear – is weather a concern?

A: It is warm year round-85-95 degrees. It can be breezy certain times of year, like spring or cool after a brief rain. But otherwise, it is casual, warm weather attire.

Q: Is there any concern for my safety while at the villas?

A: Ocotal is a very safe area. It is a gated community with security. Our villas also have security that over see the 5 properties. All of our villas are also privately gated so that no one can drive up to the villas when closed.